VIP Launch Day


Launching a new website can be an overwhelming process, fraught with technical hurdles and potential pitfalls. That's why my VIP Launch Day service is a dream come true. 

With VIP Launch Day, you'll have a truly white-glove experience with a dedicated expert by your side, guiding you through every step of the launch process and making launch day a champagne popping (and confetti throwing) moment!

Skip the Stress & Launch in Style!

Do you feel overwhelmed by the technical aspects of launching a website?

Tasks like connecting domains, setting up analytics, submitting to search consoles etc. can seem daunting if you don't have prior experience. The VIP Launch Day service is perfect for you if you want expert technical guidance and someone to handle all the complex launch tasks, allowing you to sit back and focus on what you do best!

The VIP Launch Day service is perfect if you are a:

Woman Business Owner who has purchased one of my Showit website templates from the Template Shop.

Tech-Shy Entrepreneur who is launching a new website for your business and you want a seamless, stress-free debut.

Busy business owner who wants expert guidance and support during the critical website launch phase to ensure everything is optimized and set up correctly from the start.

Savvy Biz Boss that wants to focus on your core operations while having a dedicated professional handle the technical aspects of their website launch.

How it works from start to finish

snag your date!

If you're interested in booking a VIP Launch Day, you'll head to the bottom of this page to book and secure your desired date. 

Complete your checklist

Once your deposit is received, you'll be sent over a questionnaire that will help me get a sense of your SEO keywords/phrases, plus gather access to your custom domain and collaborator access to your Showit Account.

On Launch Day

Over the 4 hours of your Launch Day, I'll work on any final design tweaks, double checking SEO settings, connecting your domain, submitting your site to Google and setting up your Google Analytics account.

Post-Launch SUPPORT

After your launch, you'll also receive 7 days of email support for any post-launch questions about the technical setup of your website as well as a courtesy check of your Google Search and Analytics connections.


What's Included?

the VIP LAUNCH DAY Package includes:

  • 15 minute kickoff call on your launch day
  • Launch Day checklist and questionnaire
  • Mobile responsive testing
  • Domain connection + complimentary DNS authentication
  • Submitting your sitemap to Google Search Console
  • Setting up and connecting Google Analytics
  • SEO Optimization Check
  • Redirect Mapping from old to new site (optional)
  • 7 days of email support post launch
  • Timeline: 4 hours
  • package cost: $499

    ✭ Third-party financing available via Afterpay

    this sounds great! 

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How long does the VIP Launch Day service take?

    The VIP Launch Day service is designed to be completed within one business day. This ensures your website is ready to go live quickly and efficiently.

    How do I prepare for my VIP Launch Day?

    To ensure a smooth and successful launch day, make sure all primary content and images are uploaded to your site. Provide access to your Showit account, domain registrar, and Google accounts. Share any specific design tweaks or SEO preferences with me ahead of time.

    What is domain authentication in the VIP Launch Day service?

    Domain authentication verifies and secures your domain to ensure it functions and sends emails correctly to avoid them ending up in spam folders. I’ll handle this process to prevent any domain resolution and email deliverability issues.

    Can you assist with post-launch support?

    Yes, I offer ongoing support packages and additional services for any post-launch needs you may have. Whether it’s further design tweaks, additional SEO work, or other adjustments, I’m here to help ensure your website’s success.

    How are domain DNS settings, Google Search Console, and Google Analytics handled?

    I will connect your domain DNS settings to Showit, submit your site to Google Search Console for indexing, and set up Google Analytics for tracking website performance. This ensures your site is fully optimized and ready to go.

    What if I need to reschedule my VIP Launch Day service?

    If you need to reschedule, please let me know as soon as possible. I understand that plans can change, and I’ll do my best to accommodate your new schedule. We can find a new date that works for you to ensure your website launch goes smoothly.

    Is the VIP Launch Day service available for websites not built on Showit?

    Currently, the VIP Launch Day service is specialized for websites built on the Showit platform. If your website is built on another platform, please contact me to discuss your needs, and I can recommend the best course of action or provide alternative services.

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