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launch a GORGEOUS, EASY-TO-CUSTOMIZE website in as little as one Day!

Get your business online fast with our streamlined one-page designs, then expand to more comprehensive layouts as your business grows. Our templates include a support center and an extensive video library to help you every step of the way, so you can craft something truly extraordinary.

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Explore all the ways Good Cheer Tech Studio can help elevate your online presence effortlessly and effectively. From DIY templates and quick customization services to full-scale, custom website design— we have you covered!

customize & launch your own website

Design your own unique digital space using one of my customizable Showit templates and a resourceful video library. If you've used Canva, you'll already be a pro at customizing your new Showit website. Seriously!

1:1 template customization service

Short on time and want to leave all that website stuff to a professional? From customization to launch, I'll take care of everything so you don't need to worry about the scary tech stuff!

1:1 support on your launch day

Ensure a flawless website launch with our Launch Day VIP service, where I fine-tune your design, optimize SEO, connect your domain, & set up Google tools, all to guarantee your site debuts smoothly and successfully.

most popular

Our mini (but mighty!) templates are a perfect fit for new business owners!

Wordpress BLOG

Seamlessly integrate a WordPress blog to share your expertise. (select templates)

Instagram Links page

Use our stylish mobile design for to feature important links for IG followers.

email list integration

Grow your audience with an easy-to-use email signup form

Lead magnet signup

Capture leads effectively with our custom lead magnet signup.

ONLINE SHOP (coming soon)

Exciting add-on coming soon to sell products online via Shopify.

mini brands (coming soon)

Matching logo and Instagram templates for a cohesive look.

All of our Showit templates are built as one-page scrolling wonders that can expand to meet the growing ambitions of your business with sales-boosting add-ons.

template add-ons may include...

The DIY Showit Template Shop

Cove Social

This bright and colorful design radiates cheerful energy, making it perfect for fun-loving social media influencers and content creators. With Cove Social, your online presence will sparkle with vibrant style and engaging features, reflecting the joy and creativity you bring to your work.

The Madison

This stunning design is the embodiment of modern sophistication, with clean lines and an editorial feel that will elevate your brand's professionalism. With The Madison, your online presence will be a true reflection of the passion and artistry you pour into your work.


Our Showit template shop offers stunning, easy-to-use designs at a fraction of the cost of custom sites. With our detailed step-by-step video tutorials, even beginners can launch their dream website in just weeks. Say goodbye to coding headaches and frustrating setups—start creating your perfect online presence with ease today!

The Amelia 

This elegant and sophisticated design exudes a timeless charm, perfect for stylish entrepreneurs and professionals. With The Amelia Template, your online presence will shine with classic style and functional features, reflecting the grace and professionalism you bring to your work.


This clean & crisp design exudes a cheerful charm, perfect for nurturing brands and creative professionals. With The Olivia Template (a remix of The Amelia), your online presence will glow with delightful style and engaging features, reflecting the excitement & creativity you bring to your work.

The Olivia

A website builder that's as easy as Canva!?

Watch us quickly and easily customize a template homepage in minutes, not months. If you've used Canva, you'll already be a pro at customizing your new Showit website. Seriously!

Our Templates are fully customizable to your brand

Hi, I'm Kayla!


I help women entrepreneurs and business owners create impactful, beautiful and user-friendly websites that are sales driven and easy to use. I’ve been building websites for fellow business owners for over 17 years.

I know how important but challenging it is to keep up with your online presence, so it’s my goal to make it easier for you to focus on building and operating your business to it’s full potential while I focus on the techy stuff!

When I’m not designing or setting up tech stacks for fellow women entrepreneurs, you can find me on an adventure with my Mini Aussie named Gus, sipping on mochas at Starbucks, listening to all the podcasts or crocheting a cardigan.

How it works from start to finish

Purchase your favorite shop template.

Install your website template Share Key.

Update your brand colors, site copy and images.

Launch your website with a bang!


This template came at the perfect time—it was an affordable solution that allowed me to get an incredible product with the ability to customize elements that I needed for my line of work.



Complete Control

A true drag-and-drop platform. Edit anything - colors, fonts, layouts... and no code (or heartache) required.

Strategic & Versatile

These templates can be used for any business in any industry and built with the same strategies as a custom website.

Top Notch Support

We have built an ever growing Help Center and Showit offers Live Chat support right from your dashboard!

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